A scientific approach to learning comedy.
A scientific approach to learning comedy.

A scientific approach to learning comedy.

Clear explanations, designed to trigger your natural comedic instincts.


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If you're looking to boost your comedic skills, where should you start? While books and courses by comedians might provide some helpful tips, they can be tough to grasp. Comedians rely on their instincts, not strict rules, so their explanations can be vague or overly complicated.

Plus, they often overwhelm you with too much information and not enough structure - too many lists to remember. And they usually focus on performing on stage or writing comedy, rather than being naturally funny in everyday life.

My approach is different. I never cared about performing on stage; I wanted to understand what makes people naturally funny in real life.

So, I spent 15 years studying comedy. I watched lots of routines, went to workshops, and studied how people acted funny in everyday situations. It wasn't easy, but over time I started to notice a clear pattern. 

From all that research, I developed a special way of teaching comedy. It's organized and easy to understand, and it's based on a set of principles you won't find in other comedy courses.

Best of all, my program, The Art of Playful Indifference, helps you be yourself and be funny in your own way. I'll show you how to find what makes you funny and use simple tricks to bring it out.

I'm excited to share what I've learned with you and help you save time on your comedic journey.

Thanks for reading!

James Smith